Here’s the Way to Get a Credit Card Cash Back!

Here’s the Way to Get a Credit Card Cash Back!

A credit card user, you may be familiar with the term cashback, right? Cashback is a benefit that can be said to be quite enjoyable for credit card users.

In most cases, cashback applies to products that have just been launched by a particular company where the company is working with a bank that launched the used credit card.

For those of you who don’t know


Cashback is an offer where the consumer is given a percentage of cash / virtual refunds or even a product but meets certain purchase requirements specified by the cashback organizer.

Most of the current cashback promotions are usually not actually a direct cash return to the consumer but the merchant usually gives cashback in the form of a deposit. This method is used so that the consumer will later make a purchase using the deposit to the cashback promoter. However, it is not uncommon for the merchant to provide a Refund Refund.

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Use a Credit Card on Every Shopping Transaction

Use a Credit Card on Every Shopping Transaction

If you want to get cashback, try to use your credit card as much as possible during a shopping transaction. Start with monthly shopping at supermarkets, eating out at restaurants, buying clothes, electronics, and other transactions.

The more you use a credit card, the greater your chances of getting this benefit. You can also find merchants and stores that have cashback programs

Use a Credit Card for Big Shopping Numbers

If you do a large number of shopping transactions like buying smartphones for household electronics, it might be best to make a credit card payment as this type of spending has the potential to generate cashback . Especially for the latest types of gadgets or electronic products, many cashback programs have a large amount of up to 25 percent of total spend.

Use a Credit Card to Pay the Installment

Use a Credit Card to Pay the Installment

If you’re out of the house, apartment, car or motorcycle, use a credit card to pay for the installments. Cashback programs are usually applied for the first installment or the first 3 months of the installment. Or it could be a down payment or DP with a certain number where you can get cashback.

Use a Credit Card for Holiday Prep

If you have plans to go on vacation with family or friends, you can use a credit card as a means of payment to buy airline tickets and hotel reservations. Typically, one of the most common types of cashback reward programs is credit card and hotel ticket purchases.

Make sure the Selected Credit Card Has a Cashback Program

If you use a credit card to enjoy this one benefit, then the thing to be sure of is whether the credit card you choose often provides cashback to its users. Don’t choose credit cards that rarely give you a cashback. Therefore, first, make sure that the function and its uses are consistent with your purpose.

Well, here it is Dude, ways to get a credit card cashback. With these benefits, like a credit card user you should also be careful. You need to be careful about using it so that your financial planning doesn’t fall apart. Remember, cashback programs like these definitely have the terms and conditions that you need to find out first.